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Instrument Systems 位於柏林的分部致力於研發和生產最精準的光度計配光機回歸反射儀除此之外,我們的核心技術也包含為客戶設計及建構完整的光學量測實驗室。Optronik 的客戶遍及全球,包括知名的測試和認證機構,以及大部分汽車與交通工程領域中的企業和供應商。

Optronik Division 與位在慕尼黑的 Instrument Systems 總部共同為客戶呈獻完整且全方位的產品組合,面對所有光學測量技術領域的挑戰,皆能提供相對應的最佳解決方案。 除此之外,做為柯尼卡美能達株式會社的子公司,Instrument Systems 擁有廣大的國際網絡,在世界各地都能由我們經驗豐富的代理商為客戶提供服務。

AMS 5000 介紹(英語)-

19.12.2017 - New photometer and imaging colorimeter at the DVN Driving Vision News-workshop in Munich

At DVN -Workshop from 30-31 January 2018. Instrument Systems will present two innovations for light measurements: The DSP 200 photometer and LumiCam 2400. The DSP 200 photometer of the Optronik Line portfolio is perfectly suited for extremely fast "on-the-fly" scanning in automotive exterior... [more]

12.09.2017 - Come and see our innovations for interior and exterior automotive lighting! (Kopie 3)

Come and see Instrument Systems from 25 – 27 September at the ISAL 2017, the biggest international symposium on automotive lighting in Darmstadt. Center of attention is the live presentation of the new Optronik Line DSP 200 photometer with a broad area of applications in automotive exterior and... [more]