LightCon – Powerful laboratory software

The LightCon laboratory software has been developed especially for recording and evaluating measurements performed for external automotive lighting, variable message signs, retroreflectors, and runway and taxiway lighting. It has been designed with an intuitive user interface, a high level of flexibility, and a clear structure for fast navigation.

LightCon guarantees highly efficient operation of complex laboratory systems for applications in product development, quality control, type testing, and homologation of automotive headlamps, signal lamps, retroreflectors, and other samples.

The software facilitates automated processing of complete test and measurement sequences with a goniophotometer and includes a powerful database system for generating and administering test reports, rules, objects and complete projects. Instrument Systems also offers a continuous update service with regular updating to ECE, SAE and FMVSS108 standards.


  • Runs under Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit
  • For all goniophotometers of the AMS / SMS Series and all photometers, retroreflectometers, colorimeters and SNT 10 power supply units in the Optronik Line
  • Complete rule update support for all common automotive standards
  • Powerful database
  • Network capability with multi-user access to the database (for large development departments)
  • Optional support for equipment from other manufacturers

The following LightCon modules are supplied:

LightCon Automotive
  • Measurement in conformity with ECE, SAE, FMVSS/CMVSS 108 standards for development, certification and conformity monitoring (COP)
  • Self-certification to achieve the CAPA Seal
  • Measurement of complete light distributions using spherical scan grids; graphical representation as driver’s, bird’s eye and wall perspectives
  • Export of results to simulation and ray-tracing programs
LightCon ICAO / FAA
  • Measurement of runway and taxiway lighting (approach signals, take-off and landing runways), and runway lighting in conformity with standards defined for civil and military aviation, such as FAA, ICAO, SNTA and NATO
LightCon Traffic
  • Measurement of traffic signal modules in conformity with EN 12368 and EN 12352 for development, quality control, product authorization inspection
  • Measurement of retroreflectors in conformity with EN 12899 and other standards for retroreflectors used in road marking
  • Measurement of light signals for rail traffic (track signals and signals for railway crossings)


LightCon Screenshot