Instrument software ‒ Optimized for standalone instruments and special applications

The instrument software supplied in the Optronik Line facilitates convenient control of individual measuring devices using a PC with Windows operating system. Each software program features user-friendly and intuitive handling. The measured values are recorded chronologically and reports are presented in a spreadsheet format. Test reports can easily be created using standard Microsoft Office programs.

ProgramSupported instrumentsDescription
Photometer SoftwareDigilux 9500
CM 10
SNT 10
For measurements taken with integrating spheres in the ITS 500 and  ITS 1000 Series for determining the luminous flux and color coordinates; with recording of the electrical operating conditions, generation of test reports, and management of calibration lamps
EN 471 RetroRMS 1200
EPS 10
Software for measuring retroreflecting materials for high visibility clothing in conformity with EN 471; supports fully automated measuring sequences with retroreflectometers and single-axis goniometers; generation of test reports and export function in MS Office programs
DigiControlDigilux 9500Supports PC-based measurement of illuminance, luminous intensity or luminous flux; with interval measurements, read-out of the instrument data memory, export as text and in csv format
DigiColorCM 10Supports PC-based measurement of color coordinates; with interval measurements, export as text and in csv format


Instrument Software