SNT 10 DC Power Supply – Optimized for automotive applications

The System Power Supply SNT 10 has been especially designed for the automotive and traffic management industries. The unique features of this power supply are ideal for photometric measurements with goniophotometers or integrating spheres. These applications involve specific requirements for accuracy and stability of the instruments used for testing.

The SNT 10 is supplied in five different versions. It offers an outstanding resolution for setting current and voltage. Measuring accuracy conforms to the specifications of the GTB Photometry Accuracy Guidelines and the SAE Standards J1330 for type tests on vehicle lamps.


  • Regulated DC power supply for laboratory applications, available in versions with 50 V or 32 V maximum voltage
  • High programming resolution of 1 mV and 1 mA, or 0.2 mA and 0.1 mA respectively
  • Display of operating mode, current and voltage values, and the multiplexer channel
  • Very precise measurement and stabilization of the preset values using sensor lines to the sample
  • 19” rack with CAN Bus and serial RS232 interface

Ordering information

Product no.Power
Voltage resolutionCurrent
Current resolution
SNT10-100500 W50 V1 mV20A1 mA
SNT10-101500 W50 V1 mV10 A0.2 mA
SNT10-102500 W32 V1 mV20 A1 mA
SNT10-103384 W32 V0,5 mV12 A0.2 mA
SNT10-104100 W32 V1 mV3,2 A0.1 mA
Separate 19” bench enclosure
Separate interface box for use without goniometer / integrating sphere with four sockets for low-voltage banana plus (2 force connectors, 2 sensor lines)

SNT 10