RMS 1200 Retroreflectometer – Highly accurate measurements in the laboratory

The RMS 1200 is the perfect solution for very precise measurement of retroreflection in conformity with CIE publication 54.2-2001 in the laboratory. It is ideal for any type of retroreflector used in the automotive industry (ECE R3, SAE J594, and others) or other retroreflecting materials (EN-DIN 471, DIN 67520).

A specific feature of this instrument is the precise color-temperature control of the projector light source to illuminant A. The light source is stabilized within seconds of switching on the instrument and a color temperature of 2856 K is achieved. This avoids long burn-in periods and the test setup is ready to take measurements within a short time of being switched on.


  • Several models with selectable viewing angles from 0.1 to 2° (at a distance of 100 feet) with 0.001° setting resolution
  • Special measuring optics to avoid the influence of ambient light
  • V (λ) correction ≤ 2.0% in conformity with CIE publication 54.2-2001
  • Display of the color temperature, duty cycles and service life of the projector lamp
  • Combinable with goniometers from the AMS 3000 / AMS 5000 Series
  • Optional upgrade for color measurement of retroreflectors, e.g. ECE R3 or separate setup


  • Laboratory measurement of retroreflectors in conformity with CIE publication no. 54.2-2001
  • Measurement of automotive retroreflectors (e.g. in conformity with ECE standards R 3, R 27, R 69, R 70, R 104, SAE standards J 594, J 774, J 943, J 2041, GB 11564-1998 (China), AIS-057 (India), retroreflecting road studs (in conformity with DIN EN 1463, part 1), retroreflectors for fixed vertical road traffic signs (in conformity with DIN EN 12899-3), samples (in conformity with ASTM standards), retroreflective sheetings (in conformity with DIN 67520) and high visibility clothing with retroreflecting material (in conformity with DIN EN 471)

Technical specifications

RMS 1200 Retroreflectometer
Photometer headSilicon photodiode with accurate correction to the spectral response function V (λ). (f1’ ≤ 2.0% in conformity with CIE publication 54.2-2001 and CIE 69); fitted with special measuring optics for stray-light rejection; automatic dark-current compensation
Light entry area29 mm (ECE) or 1 x 1.5 inches or 25 x 12.6 mm (SAE); automatic aperture identification (other apertures available on request)
Linear positioning unitVertical traverse with 0.001° resolution, integrated tilt mechanism for precise mounting on the sample; very small and very large viewing angles dependent on the measurement distance and instrument version
Display range R0.1 to 199,900 mcd/lx (display resolution in the most sensitive range is 0.001 mcd/lx)
Display range R'0.01 to 19,990 cd/lx/m2 for a sample size of 10 x 10 cm
Measuring range selectionAutomatic
Measurement distance10 m, 15 m, 17 m,  30.5 m (others are available on request)
Color temperatureElectronic color temperature control to illuminant A (2856 K)
Stabilization timeApprox. 5 to 10 seconds
Projector aperture∅ 50 mm SAE / 29 mm ECE (others are available on request)
Illuminated area∅ 250 mm (ECE) or 254 mm / 10“ (SAE), optional approx. 700 mm for free-standing hazard warning triangles in conformity with ECE R27
Uniformity≤ 5 % of illuminance in the sample plane
Enclosure / Rack
Dimensions and weight19” rack, depending on the version (without optional extension frame): 600 x 2450 x 600 mm or 600 x 2650 x 600 mm; approx. 75 kg (not including remote display)

Ordering information

ModelMeasurement distanceMinimun viewing angleMaximum viewing angle
RMS1200-10010 m / 100 ft0.333° / 0.1° 1.5°
RMS1200-200100 ft0.1°1.5°
RMS1200-201100 ft0.1°2.0°
RMS1200-20215 m0.2°2.0°
RMS1200-20315 m0.1° *1)2.0°
RMS1200-20410 m0.333°1.5°
RMS1200-20530,5 m (100 ft)0.1°2.0°
RMS1200-206 *2)17 m 0.2°2.0°
RMS1200-22017 m (color measurement)0.333° (fixed angle)

*1) with deflecting mirror
*2) color measurement with optical input at 0.333° from the side


Order no.Product description
RMS1200-300Extended positioning unit for expanded angular range (2° in 100 feet for basic unit)
RMS1200-320Color measurement with optical input at 0.333° from the side, measurement distance 17 m
RMS1200-500Docking station (e.g. for 10 m, 17 m or 30.5 m)
RMS1200-511Extension frame for optical axis 1500 mm
RMS1200-512Extension frame for optical axis 1600 mm
RMS1200-513Extension frame for optical axis 1700 mm
RMS1200-600EPS 10 single-axis goniometer for measurements in conformity with DIN-EN 471 (high visibility clothing) or as auxiliary epsilon rotation for retroreflectors on delineator posts
SW-600LightCon software for measurement of retroreflectors with AMS goniometer
SW-670EN 471 software for measurement of warning clothing in conformity with DIN-EN 471
RMS 1200 RMS 1200 retroreflectometer

Stable illumination

Deviations from the reference value of 2856 K for standard illuminant A can cause significant measurement errors, especially when measuring colored reflex reflectors with specific spectral reflectance. Based on CIE Publication 54.2-2001, the color temperature may only deviate by max. ± 20 K from the target value. The RMS 1200 Retroreflectometers guarantee dependable test results by measuring and stabilizing the color temperature internally.