Retroreflectometers – Testing retroreflectors and retroreflecting materials

Retroreflection occurs when reflecting and refracting components and surfaces return the incident light back in the same direction. Retroreflectors and retroreflecting materials are used in the automotive and vehicle industry for road markings, traffic signage, for high visibility clothing and workwear.

The RMS 1200 provides a precise laboratory measuring instrument for taking absolute measurements of retroreflection. It features innovative color temperature control and can be enhanced with software and goniometers to create a turnkey system for a wide range of applications.

The RC 100 has been developed for taking ultrafast relative measurements. The primary focus for this instrument is for quality control in the automobile industry and production of plastic retroreflectors on injection-molding machines.

Overview of our retroreflectometers

ModelArea of applicationLight sourceFeatures
RMS 1200Absolute measurements for retroreflection in the laboratoryColor-temperature controlled projector with illuminant A at 2586 KHighly stable light source with homogeneous illumination of the sample; movable detector with tilt mechanism; optionally supplied as a turnkey system  with goniophotometer and software
RC 100Relative measurements of retroreflection in productionXenon ring flash lamp with extremely long service lifeUltrafast online production control for pass-fail analysis at the injection-molding machine;
easy operation with touchscreen control panel

The measuring instruments are compliant with all relevant standards for retroreflection, specifically CIE publication No. 54.2-2001 (The Measurement of Retroreflection).

Measurements are also carried out in conformity with the following application standards:

  • ECE R 3, R 27, R 69, R 70, R 104, SAE J 594, J 774, J 943, J 2041 (automotive retroreflectors)
  • DIN EN 12899-3 (Fixed Vertical Road Traffic Signs - Part 3 Delineator Posts and Retroreflectors)
  • DIN 67520 (Retroreflecting materials for traffic safety)
  • EN 471 (High visibility warning clothing for professional use)
Goniometer with reflectometer