Tailormade solutions for photometry

There is no standard instrument for some photometric measuring functions. Our team of experts has the capability to develop effective solutions to meet special challenges.

Examples of projects carried out in the past:

Multichannel photocurrent amplifier

75-channel photocurrent amplifier for a lamp test setup. The detectors were configured in a semicircle around the sample at a fixed measuring distance. The sample rotates about its own axis while 75 (optionally more) detectors record the illuminance simultaneously.

Measuring instrument for determining the luminance of the night sky

Measuring instrument with detector to record the luminance of the night sky in outdoor applications. Highly sensitive special detector with 5° field of view. Spectral match to the scotopic sensitivity of the human eye (night-time sensitivity). Heated light inlet for measuring optics.

Photometer with measuring head for permanent outdoor installation

Measuring instrument for light-enabled control of lighting systems (for switching on and off automatically). The setup includes a photometer head in a die-cast housing with a heating element.

Tailormade solutions

On request, the Optronik Division of Instrument Systems will also create a tailormade solution to match your measuring task.
Contact us to discuss your requirements!