Optronik Line Photometer Heads – Centerpiece for precise light measurement

Our photometer heads form the platform for any precise integral light measurement. Full filtering enables the photometer heads to be matched accurately to the spectral response function of the human eye, known as the V(λ) function for the CIE standard observer.

Photometer head PMH-100

Full filtering also ensures that the influence of errors arising from non-uniform illumination of the detector is kept very low. The Optronik Line Photometer Heads are therefore ideal for applications involving the type of steep slopes that occur in external automobile lighting. Our photometer heads are also used for other applications of light measurement systems where maximum accuracy is important.


  • Excellent V(λ) correction with full filtering
  • Compliant with all requirements of DIN 5032-7, DIN EN 13032-1 and CIE 69 standards
  • Virtually no errors from non-uniform illumination (error parameter f9)
  • Small light-sensitive area for improved spatial resolution
  • High sensitivity for low light levels
  • Optional cosine correction (for measuring extended light sources)

Ordering information

The photometer heads are only supplied in combination with a measuring unit.

Model Sensor active area Thermostatic stabilization 35°C Cosine correction Classification in conformity with DIN 5032-7 and CIE No. 69
PMH-10010 x 10 mmYesNoL
PMH-10110 x 10 mmYesNoA
PMH-111Ø 30 mmYesNoA
PMH-120Ø 12 mmYesYesL
PMH-121Ø 12 mmYesYesA
PMH-131Ø 6 mmNoYesA
PMH-132Ø 6 mmNoYesB

Custom photometer heads are supplied on request.