Digilux 9500 – Universal luxmeter for stationary or mobile application

The Digilux 9500 is a universal luxmeter for measuring illuminance with the primary focus of application in the laboratory. The specific advantages of the instrument also match other applications, such as production control, mobile measurements, and automated lighting control in outdoor environments. The Digilumen version is ideal for measuring the total luminous flux from lamps and luminaires with an integrating sphere.

Digilux 9500 luxmeter

The luxmeter incorporates an advanced photocurrent amplifier and the latest microprocessor technology to offer versatile operating and display functions combined with outstanding value for money. The individual versions provide the precision classes A (high accuracy) and L (maximum accuracy) and are in conformity with DIN 5032-7 and EN-DIN 13032-1 standards, and CIE Publication No. 69.


  • Precise measurement of illuminance, luminous intensity, and total luminous flux (with integrating sphere)
  • Outstanding V(λ) correction and very high linearity
  • 6 (optional 7) decades of measuring range with manual or automated setting
  • Additional display range up to 200 klx (optional 2000 klx)
  • Display resolution in the most sensitive measuring range 0.1 mlx (optional 0.01 mlx)
  • RS 232 interface

Ordering information

Model Sensor active area Thermostatic stabilization 35°C Cosine correction Classification in conformity with DIN 5032-7 and CIE no. 69
PM-DL-20010 x 10 mmYesNoL
PM-DL-20110 x 10 mmYesNoA
PM-DL-202Ø 30 mmYesNoA
PM-DL-203Ø 12 mmYesYesL
PM-DL-204Ø 12 mmYesYesA
PM-DL-205Ø 6 mmNoYesA
PM-DL-206Ø 6 mmNoYesB

Custom measuring heads are supplied on request.

Ordering information for options

Order no. Product description
PM-DL-100 Digilux 9500 system luxmeter with 4 ½ digit digital display and RS-232 interface;  detector (depending on the version selected), verification of the individual spectral correction of the photometer head, factory calibration with certificate, 2 m cable for photometer head
PM-DL-301 Additional display of the luminous flux in lumen, calibration factor can be adjusted by the user
PM-DL-302 Display of  photocurrent (nA) instead of illuminance
PM-DL-303 Display of luminance (mcd/m²) instead of illuminance
PM-DL-320 1 additional type 1 measuring range (0.01 mlx - 200 mlx)
PM-DL-321 1 additional type 2 measuring range (2000 klx)
PM-DL-330 Integrated rechargeable battery for independent operation, approx. 8 hours operating time
PM-DL-340 Four programmable upper-limit switch outputs, independent presets
PM-DL-350 Instrument data memory for up to 2000 measurement values, requires PM-DL-330 option, rechargeable battery
PM-DL-510 4-pole Lemosa plug for connecting detectors provided by customers
PM-DL-522 Extension cable for photometer head, 5 m long
PM-DL-523 Extension cable for photometer head, 10 m long
PM-DL-600 Transport case for luxmeter and photometer head
SW-661 Digilux control software
SW-662 Digilumen software for measuring luminous flux

Ordering information for accessories

A wide range of accessories is supplied for the Digilux 9500 to optimize the measuring instrument for laboratory applications (tripod, stray light tubes, etc.). This information is provided on the data sheet.


  • General photometric measurement in the laboratory
  • Mobile measurements (with rechargeable battery)
  • Automated lighting control for light management systems
  • Special detector head for taking measurements at low luminance