KMS 500 T/R Measuring Station – Turnkey for determining reflectance and transmittance properties

The KMS 500 Measuring Station is based on a special integrating sphere that has been optimized for determining material characteristics, such as reflectance, transmittance, and absorption, which nominally combine to yield the value of 1.

KMS 500 T&R measuring station

An integrating sphere measuring 500 mm in diameter is the centerpiece of the measuring station. It is provided with ports for the sample and the calibration standard, and an illuminant A type specular light source. A Digilux 9500 system photometer serves as the measuring instrument.

A light source for diffuse incident light is supplied as an option comprising a hemisphere and a control unit. Specified calibration standards, such as mirrors or diffuse reflectance standards are also supplied.


  • 500 mm integrating sphere with ports for sample, reference standard and holders
  • Stable color-temperature controlled illumination projector and optional diffuse light source
  • Measurement of reflectance ρ, diffuse reflectance ρd, transmittance τ and diffuse transmittance τd
  • Determination of the reflectance from flat and convex automotive rear-view mirrors in conformity with ECE R46
  • Measurements are carried-out in conformity with CIE publication No. 38, DIN 5036-3 and ISO 5740- 1982

Ordering information

Order number Description
KMS500-100Turnkey station for measuring reflectance and transmittance; comprising integrating sphere with 500 mm diameter and 2 sample holders; projector for specular illumination with power supply and control unit, color temperature stabilized to illuminant A; Digilux 9500 photometer with special measuring head
KMS500-300 Diffuse light source for KMS 500 for measuring the transmittance of diffuse incident light; with power supply and control unit
KMS500-400 White diffuse reflectance standard, 60 mm diameter, in mount 100 x 100 mm, with certificate
KMS500-401 Mirror reflectance standard, in mount 60 x 60 mm, with certificate