ITS 500 / 1000 Integrating Spheres – Streamlined measurement of luminous flux

Using integrating spheres to determine the radiant power or total luminous flux of light sources is one of the most important procedures in light measurement. The interior surface of the sphere is coated with a diffuse reflecting material and, thus, ensures complete integration and mixing of the light radiation. This is partially output at a detector port for measurement.

ITS 500 with power supply and digilux 2
ITS 1000 open

The Optronik Line spheres with diameters of 500 and 1000 mm are particularly suitable for determining the characteristics of lamps and modules in the automotive, traffic-lighting and aerospace sectors. Three different burning positions (suspended, vertical, horizontal) can be arranged using an adjustable lamp holder, in order to operate each test sample in the intended burning position.


  • Measuring geometry in conformity with CIE 84
  • Barium sulfate coating with 80% reflectance
  • The lamp post can be mounted in a suspended, vertical or horizontal position
  • Integrated auxiliary light source for determining the self-absorption of the sample


ModelDiameter Detector portsApplications
ITS 500500 mm1For small and medium-sized lamps (e.g. ECE R37) and modules
ITS 10001000 mm 2 For large modules and lamps (e.g. ECE R37 and ECE R99)

Other sphere diameters in slightly modified configuration can be ordered through Instrument Systems.


  • Comprehensive selection of test sockets with Lemosa connector for single or double filament lamps (with sensor line)
  • Measurement of discharge lamps in conformity with ECE R99
  • Safety shutdown of the power supply for operating lamps at high voltage
  • Luminous flux meter, tristimulus colorimeter, SNT 10 DC power supplies, and software

Please refer to data sheet for ordering information.