Fast “on-the-fly” measurements

Optronik Line Goniophotometers feature an innovative combination of dynamic motor drives with the fast DSP 10 / DSP 200 Photometer. By contrast to conventional systems, the light distribution can be scanned at high angular resolution and speed while the goniometer is moving. The overall measuring time is significantly shorter and therefore permits a much higher number of tests within a working day. Digital signal processing with adaptive filtering also ensures optimum selection of integration and filter parameters depending on the light source used (e.g. PWM LED).

Measurements in conformity with ECE or SAE standards also benefit from fast scanning speeds in the AMS Series goniophotometers. Typical control measurements, such as ECE R112 (asymmetric dipped headlamps), are completed within a few minutes.

Systems in which the photometer is not triggered by the goniometer controls can only record a measuring grid using the single-point method. This method involves the goniometer approaching each individual angle position where it stops to carry out the measurement. As a result, measuring times may last several hours even with relatively coarse measuring grids.