AMS 3000 – Universal “high-speed” Goniophotometer

The AMS 3000 features highly dynamic and fast motor drives combined with exceptionally robust and stable construction. It is ideal for testing standard automotive headlamps, and signal lamps for runways and taxiways at airports. The compact design of this high-precision and powerful system makes it the goniophotometer of choice where space is at a premium.

AMS 3000 goniophotometer

The AMS 3000 comprises the 2-axis goniometer with a sample stage movable in 3 axes and 500 x 350 mm in size for mounting the test sample, and the AMS Controller. A laser located in the center of rotation of the vertical axis facilitates alignment of the sample. Furthermore, initial alignment can be easily carried out with the assistance of the RecoCAN Remote Control.

The system’s rotational speed of 50°/s allows it to record very fast “on-the-fly” scans of complete light distributions or of specific zones at exceptionally high levels of accuracy and efficiency – similar to the larger AMS 5000.


  • CIE Type A Goniometer for photometric measurements in the far field
  • For test samples up to 1200 mm in length and weighing 20 kg
  • Display of luminous intensity distribution in isolux and isocandela diagrams
  • Data export in IES, KRS, CSV formats

Technical specifications

AMS 3000 Goniophotometer
CIE GoniometerType A with horizontal rotary table
Motor driverServo drives for all five axes
Angular range H axis± 200° with end switches
Angular range V axis± 100° with end switches
Resolution of the angle encoders0.01°
Reproducibility H axis (typical)≤ 0.03° (at rated sample load)
Reproducibility V axis (typical)≤ 0.03° (at rated sample load)
H axis16 speeds selectable up to max. 50°/s
Angular speed 
V axis16 speeds selectable up to max. 10°/s
Traverse range linear axesX ±150 mm, Y ±75 mm, Z -50 to -450 mm
Positional resolution linear axes0.1 mm
Clear width600 mm
Sample table
Maximum sample sizeWidth 1200 mm, depth 600 mm, height 800 mm
Dimensions of sample stage500 x 350 mm
Nominal sample mass20 kg
Maximum sample mass40 kg

Ordering information

Order no.Product description
AMS3000-100AMS 3000 Goniophotometer, comprising a 5-axis goniometer in type A configuration with horizontal rotation stage and separate 33U 19” rack for AMS Controller (includes motor control and space for 5 further modules), CAN Bus and RS232 connector; without photometer or other accessories
Options AMS 3000
AMS3000-300Optional 115 VAC power supply for AMS 3000
AMS3000-320Remote control for manual positioning
AMS3000-400Safety switch mats for hazard area
AMS3000-402Safety light curtain for hazard area
AMS3000-404Safety laser scanner for hazard area
AMS-210Relay switch output, e.g. for automatically switching on a warning lamp or switching off the laboratory lighting
AMS-220Gong card: acoustic warning signal at the start of automatic operation
AMS-310Holder for license plate dummies (registration plates) and license plate illumination adjustable for ECE R4 measurements
AMS-311License plate dummies for measurements in conformity with ECE R4, 3 dummies, type, A, B, C
AMS-312License plate dummies for measurements in conformity with SAE-J587, 2 dummies, Type 01, 02 (motorcycle)
AMS-313License plate dummies for measures in conformity with Chinese GB standard (3 dummies)
AMS-320Universal holder for automotive lamps and headlamps comprising base plate and three articulated tripods
AMS-330Clamp insert (adjustable) for T-slot table 8 (AMS 3000 and 5000), 2 inserts
AMS-400Photometer tube positioning unit for measuring distance 3.162 m, configured to accommodate up to three tubes, for optical axis 1400 mm height
AMS-401Photometer tube positioning unit for measuring distance 3,162 m, configured to accommodate up to three tubes, for optical axis 1500 mm height
AMS-410Pulse width modulation generator for PWM LED lamps

Driving the test sample

The electrical connection for the sample is provided through a 9-channel lamp multiplexer which allows up to 3 control functions to be operated at the same time. Additional control for the sample can be integrated with a Sub-D socket and a CAN bus at the multiplexer, for example a temperature sensor or an AFS controller (Adaptive Front Lighting System). A pulse width modulation generator can be supplied as an option for LED lamps.