Accessories for AMS Goniophotometers

EPS 10 Compact Epsilon Goniometer

EPS 10 – Compact Epsilon Goniometer

A single-axis goniometer with range of rotation from 0° to 360°. For testing retroreflectors for road construction, and other retroreflecting samples. Can also be used separately for the measurement of high visibility clothing in conformity with DIN-EN 471.

USH 30 universal holder

USH 30 – Universal holder for vehicle headlamps and luminaires

Comprising a base plate and three highly flexible articulated tripods with magnets. This allows specimens to be clamped quickly and firmly to the sample table of an AMS 3000 / AMS 5000 Goniophotometer.

Licence plate holder

License plate holder with dummies and lamp holder

This comprises an adjustable lamp holder with angle scale and it can be optionally supplied with different test dummies for standard national and international sizes of license plate.

Pulse width modulator

Pulse width modulator for PWM LED luminaires

For operation with an SNT 10 DC Power Supply. The current is max. 10 A at a supply voltage of 8-28 V. The clock frequency can be adjusted in 3 stages from 1 Hz to 10 kHz.

RecoCan – Remote control

For manual positioning of the sample with a resolution of 0.01° and 0.1 mm respectively. The angular and linear axis positions and the measured value of the active photometer are displayed.

TPU 10 photometer tube positioning unit

TPU 10 – Photometer Tube Positioning Unit

PC-controlled positioning of three detectors to the optical axis of an AMS Goniophotometer. (e.g. measurement of luminous intensity with DSP 10 / DSP 200, color coordinate with CM 10 / CAS 140CT, and luminance with LM 20)