Calibration standards for determining reflectance

These standards relate to the measurement of material characteristics using an integrating sphere for reflectance and transmittance measurement.

Two standards are supplied: a diffuse reflectance standard based on PTFE material and a mirror with specular reflectance. Both come with a 100 x 100 mm base plate so that they can be fixed to the sample port of the integrating sphere assembly.

In the automotive sector, this category includes the measurement of flat and convex rear-view mirrors in conformity with ECE R46.


  • Diffuse reflectance standard: PTFE material with reflectance ρ ≈ 99 % in a spectral region of 400 to 1500 nm
  • Mirror standard: mirror with specular reflectance made of float glass with Al with quartz protective layer and reflectance ρ ≈ 90,74 % in a spectral region of 400 to 780 nm
  • Test report for reflectance standard
  • Optional PTB certificate for spectral reflectance at 8° and 25° angles of incidence with a measurement uncertainty of approx. 0.5%

Ordering information

Order numberDescription
KMS500-400White diffuse reflectance standard made of PTFE; on base plate
KMS500-401Mirror with specular reflectance made of float glass, Al coating with quartz protective layer; on base plate