Luminous flux standard lamps for calibration of integrating spheres

Instrument Systems supplies very stable luminous flux standard lamps for the calibration of integrating spheres based on luminous flux. The sandblasted 50 watt halogen lamp offers very reproducible characteristics for color temperature (near to illuminant A), spectral distribution and total luminous flux.

A dedicated socket with Lemosa connector is also supplied for operation in series ITS 500 or ITS 1000 integrating spheres.


  • 50 W halogen lamp with approx. 1012 lm luminous flux at 2991 k color temperature
  • Extended relative measurement uncertainty ± 2%
  • Burn-in time approx. 15 minutes, burning position vertical
  • Calibration method in conformity with CIE 63-1984 (The spectroradiometric measurement of light sources) and DIN 5032-1 (for luminous flux)
  • Certificate from an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory

Ordering information

Order numberDescription
ACS-610Set of 3 luminous flux standard lamps with certificate and test socket