Optronik Berlin – 50 years of experience and innovation in light measurement

Company History - Optronik Berlin
1968Establishment of the business by Dr.-Ing. Johannes Fleischer and Dr.-Ing. Peter Marx; development of the world’s first digital luxmeter
1972Development of the first computer-controlled goniophotometer for automotive lamps
1980 Launch of the Minilux portable illuminance meter
1986Development of SMS Online, test systems for 100% monitoring of headlamps during the production process
1987 First fully automated 5-axis SMS 10H Goniphotometer
1990First generation of Optronik SNT 10 DC Power Supplies
1992First SMS10C Goniophotometer
1994Opto Software (first software for measuring light from automotive lamps compatible with Windows)
1995Introduction of a range of measuring instruments:
  • FMS 10 Tristimulus Colorimeter (CM 10)
  • RMS10gse Retroreflectrometer (RMS 1200) and
  • LMS20 Luminance Meter (LM 20)
1996Launch of the Reflex Checker for production control of retroreflectors
1997Development of a goniophotometer for large variable message signs (AMS 9000)
1999Launch of the KMS10 Reflectance and Transmittance Meter (KMS 500); launch of the LDN10 Luminance Standard (LDN 500)
2000Sale of the shareholding held by Dr. Fleischer to X-Rite Inc. USA
2004First generation of vv10dsp Preamplifiers (DSP 10) for advanced automotive light sources, also for PWM LED light sources
2005Replacement of Opto Software by LightCon Software for controlling goniophotometers and accessories
2010Munich-based Instrument Systems GmbH takes over the Optronik Light Measurement Division from X-Rite Inc.
2012 Konica Minolta Inc. acquires 100% of the shares in the parent company Instrument Systems
2013Merger of Optronik Berlin GmbH with the parent company Instrument Systems GmbH. Market launch of the AMS 3000 and AMS 5000 Series of next generation goniophotometers.