Optronik Line development

The Optronik Line products of Instrument Systems already have a very long track record. In 1968,  Optronik GmbH was founded in Berlin. At this time, development of the world’s first digital luxmeter was the focus of attention. In 1972, the first computer-controlled goniophotometer followed for testing automotive lamps.

Today, Optronik Line products of Instrument Systems are the benchmark for tailormade solutions in the exterior automotive lighting industries, for product certification and for applications in aerospace and traffic management. Development, production, service and sale of this product line are all based at our Berlin site. Our Optrinik Line customers in Germany and European countries are supported directly. A global network of experienced representatives delivers support to international, non-european customers.

The Berlin site is also our center of excellence for goniophotometers and integral light measurement within Instrument Systems Munich.