Measurement of traffic and transportation signal lamps

Light signals guarantee safety and provide directions in all mobility situations. Traffic lights and other variable message signs regulate traffic on the roads. Runway and taxiway lighting give pilots the necessary visual guidance on the ground and landing lights signal the approach of an aircraft. Sea markers and navigation lights are used by ships on inland waterways and the high seas.

Product approvals and related photometric measurements are subject to specified standards which place demanding requirements on the measurement systems used. The Optronik Line light measurement instruments and goniophotometers are ideal for these diverse applications:

  • Testing traffic lights in conformity with DIN EN 12368 (2006)
  • Measurement of runway and taxiway lighting systems, and aircraft equipment in conformity with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
  • Photometric testing of marine equipment in conformity with 96/98/EC Directive

Customers across the world from all sectors of traffic signal equipment successfully use our measurement systems for development applications, quality control and product certifications. Instrument Systems therefore makes an important contribution to enhancing traffic safety.