Measurement of exterior automotive lighting

Automotive lamps, headlamps, rear-view mirrors, and retroreflectors are parts of a vehicle that are relevant to safety and subject to strict national and international standards.  

Supporting measurements must be carried out and compared with simulated results when these components are developed. After a complex approval process by accredited testing institutes, random checks for conformity are also prescribed under statutory regulations during the production process.

Instrument Systems is a leading supplier in equipping complete photometric laboratories for exterior automotive lighting. Optronik Line measuring systems can determine all photometric properties of automotive luminaires and lamps with a high level of accuracy in compliance with strict GTB requirements (Groupe de Travail Bruxelles). The GTB requirements define standards for the accuracy of photometric measuring instruments.

Our innovative goniophotometer technologies, such as measurement of pulse-width-modulated LED light sources (PWM), and our precise servo drivers facilitate outstanding measuring speed and reliability. And our application support guarantees continuous updating of the software rule database. This outstanding product and service profile is unparalleled and represents the key factor for customer loyalty among major vehicle manufacturers and producers of exterior automotive lighting, alongside universities and accredited test and certification institutes.